We know how products become loved.

DelnaTech Solutions goes beyond software consulting

As Product Builders, we develop impactful products by creating a deep understanding of your customers' needs.

We also understand that you have a business to run. Solving your customer's challenges will be done in a way that is viable to your bottom line.

DelnaTech Solutions for your business

A Product Builder? That's a technical product manager or a product-minded software engineer depending on your needs. Whether you need assistance with product discovery or delivery, we got you covered.

  • I can discover & shape the best opportunities by distilling insights and strategy from user interviews, analytics and understanding the long-term business needs.
  • I can deliver better features faster by giving the team a clear focus, a transparent product-backlog and well-facilitated meetings that inspire.
  • In the end, it's all about making both customers and the internal team to feel comfortable and happy. My technical experience as IC and product lead engineer gives me a deep understanding of the four big product risks: value, usability, feasibility and business viability.

Schedule a brief call or ask me a question. I'll honestly tell you if I'm not the best fit for you. Consider it a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.

Your competetive advantage

Build now

While others are in their umpteenth meeting, we're out there building. You play with different rules once you accept that you don't need to have it figured out.

Whether a duct taped experiment or unexpected customer interview gives us the Eureka moment we were looking for, leaning into our momentum pushes us where others stop.


Complex problems do not have a straightforward solution where a single person has all the answers. Instead give context and aim for the moon with a bottom-up approach.

Outcome-based roadmaps where teams are aligned around a shared goal will empower your team to brainstorm solutions that solve real painpoints.

Release often

Big bang releases rarely give the results you're hoping for. So let's make noise - often! You will drive more product awareness and validate hypothesis faster through user feedback.

We're talking about blogging about the biggest bets before a line of code is written, shipping sneak previews and launching frequently. They will know your name.

About me


Hello! My name is Wito. I'm a happy, passionate guy who is easy to work with. Currently I focus on the CNCF landscape and help developers and platform engineers with Kubernetes.

I'm proficient in many technologies. Over the years I've built applications and SDKs for both mobile and web within finance, healthcare, media and audiovisual industries. Besides that, I enjoy mentoring and have led teams of three to twelve engineers.

I'm also no stranger to the operational side. I've been working with Kubernetes since 2016 and have set up production-grade platforms from scratch on AWS, GCP and private Kubernetes clusters.

Loved by leaders


Jan De Dobbeleer

Nike, Engineering Manager

I've had the pleasure of working with Wito early in his career. From the start he took up a key position in the team as the cloud architect and go to person to discuss how we build our stack, focussing on the design, security and efficiency.

His software engineering background allowed him to connect easily with colleagues, enabling growth and end to end ownership within the team. Next to that, he has a passion for building the right thing focussing on product impact and success. Needless to say, I wouldn't hesitate to work with Wito again.

Let's build a better future together