Wito Delnat

Technical Leader & Engineering Manager

Hello! I'm a happy, passionate guy who is easy to work with.

I enjoy building products with impact. My energy comes from picking up vague goals and solving them in secure, scalable ways by rallying a team around me and getting my own hands dirty.

DelnaTech Solutions goes beyond software consulting

As an engineering leader, I create conditions for others to do their best work in pursuit of a common objective.

Some days I’m coding in the guts of a system, and other days I work closely with product managers and GTM. In the end, it's all about making both customers and the team to feel comfortable and happy.

Let me help your business

If you’re struggling with execution in vague, unspecific ways, I can almost always helps. Think of cases when you think:

  • We know what to build, we just can’t build it
  • It feels like this is taking too long
  • We build many features, but the outcome is lacking
  • I can’t tell if our engineering team knows what they’re doing

Schedule a brief call or ask me a question. I'll genuinely tell you if I'm not the best fit for you. Consider it a free consultation so you have nothing to lose.

Highlighted work
Monokle: Streamlining Kubernetes configurations

How we built a product which bridges the DevOps gap by leveraging policies across the Kubernetes lifecycle.

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About me

I'm approaching a decade of experience in building digital products. Over the years I've built applications and SDKs for both mobile and web within finance, healthcare, media, and tech industries.

Wito's software engineering background allows him to connect easily with colleagues, enabling growth and end to end ownership within the team.

Jan De Dobbeleer

Engineering Manager

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